Apr 122015

L’Association canadienne de linguistique a tenu son congrès de 2015 lors du Congrès des sciences humaines à l’Université d’Ottawa, du samedi 30 mai au lundi 1 juin 2015.

The Canadian Linguistic Association held its 2015 conference as part of the Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences at the University of Ottawa, from Saturday May 30 to Monday June 1, 2015.


dernière mise à jour: 31 mai 2015 | latest update: May 31, 2015

Samedi 30 mai | Saturday, May 30
FauteuxFTX 302 FauteuxFTX 359 FauteuxFTX 361
Syntaxe | Syntax

président | chair: Daniel Currie Hall

Le français acadien | Acadian French

président | chair: Walter Cichocki


présidente | chair: Mihaela Pirvulescu

9:00 9:30

Amani Makkawi (Manitoba)

Participles as nonverbal predicates

Carmen L. LeBlanc & Laura Briggs (Carleton)

«Là les Madelinots étiont tout après boire pis ça chantait» ou L’étude des désinences à la 3e personne du pluriel

Johannes Knaus & Mary Grantham O’Brien (Calgary)

Word stress processing and the influence of cognate suffixes in
second language English: An EEG study

9:30 10:00

Annick Morin (Toronto)

Où en est tu? A cross-linguistic approach to Quebec French polar interrogatives

Emilie LeBlanc & Selena Phillips-Boyle (York)

Discourse markers well and ben in Chiac

Laura Colantoni, Gabrielle Klassen, Matthew J. Patience, Malina Radu & Olga Tararova (Toronto)

Production of redundant and primary prosodic cues to sentence type by L1 Spanish and Mandarin learners of English

10:00 10:30

Éric Mathieu & Gita Zareikar (Ottawa)

Bottles of milk and cups of sugar: A cross-linguistic perspective on measure constructions

Basile Roussel (Ottawa)

Le français acadien, une variété conservatrice? L’exemple de l’usage du subjonctif dans le Nord-Est du Nouveau Brunswick

Lilliana Montoya & Joyce Bruhn de Garavito (Western)

Information structure and nominal ellipsis in L2 Spanish

10:30 11:00

Michèle Burkholder (Ottawa)

Les faux-amis: Investigating lexico-semantic ambiguity across two languages

11:00 11:15

pause | break

FauteuxFTX 302 FauteuxFTX 359 FauteuxFTX 361
Déterminants | Determiners

président | chair: Richard Compton

Variation grammaticale | Grammatical variation

présidente | chair: Shana Poplack

Sémantique | Semantics

présidente | chair: Joyce Bruhn de Garavito

11:15 11:45

Brett Reynolds (Edinburgh)

Said, the overlooked English determiner

Maksym Shkvorets (Toronto)

The loss of reflexive possessive pronouns in heritage Ukrainian

Bronwyn Bjorkman & Elizabeth Cowper (Toronto)

Where there is, and why

11:45 12:15

Nicole Rosen (Manitoba) & Carrie Gillon (Arizona State)

Reanalyzing Michif “determiners”

Laura Kastronic (Ottawa)

A comparative variationist analysis of subjunctive use in Hexagonal French and Quebec French

Diane Doran (McMaster)

The semantics of English copy raising constructions

12:15 1:30

déjeuner | lunch

Session des affiches | Poster session
FauteuxFTX 371
1:30 3:00
3:00 3:15

pause | break

FauteuxFTX 302 FauteuxFTX 359 FauteuxFTX 361
Morphologie | Morphology

présidente | chair: Amanda Pounder

Contraste en phonologie | Contrast in phonology

présidente | chair: Kathleen Currie Hall

Pragmatique | Pragmatics

président | chair: James Walker

3:15 3:45

Adriana Soto-Corominas & David Heap (Western)

Fission and impoverishment in nonstandard Catalan clitic clusters

Thomas Leu (UQAM)

Is there No homophony?

3:45 4:15

Robert Mooney (Western)

La géométrie hiéararchique de traits et l’ordre linéaire des suites de pronoms clitiques en dialectes occitans dans le Département des Alpes-Maritimes

Michael Dow (Montréal)

High vowel nasalization and contrast preservation in French

Fiona K.P. Siu (CityU HK)

Exploring cross-cultural pragmatic judgement of two groups of EFL teachers on formal written requests

4:15 4:45

Keffyalew Gebregziabher (Toronto)

A split analysis of Tigrinya nominal possessive constructions

Jessamyn Schertz (Scarborough), Yoonjung Kang (Toronto) & Sungwhoo Han (Inha)

The role of acoustic evidence in resolving phonological ambiguity

Sean Meades (York)

Multi-modal discourse-historical approach to analyzing negative political advertising

5:30 7:30

Assemblée générale | Annual general meeting
FauteuxFTX 302


Fête | Party
Royal Oak PubRoyal Oak (sous-sol | basement), 161 Laurier E.

Dimanche 31 mai | Sunday, May 31
FauteuxFTX 302 FauteuxFTX 359 FauteuxFTX 361
Nominaux | Nominals

président | chair: Éric Mathieu

Phonologie | Phonology

présidente | chair: Sara Mackenzie

Modalité | Modality

présidente | chair: Marina Sherkina-Lieber

9:00 9:30

Diane Massam, Kazuya Bamba & Patrick Murphy (Toronto)

The universal null pronoun in instructional contexts and beyond

Heather Newell (UQAM)

Phonology without strata

Vesela Simeonova (Ottawa)

Evidentials with attitude!

9:30 10:00

Hermann Keupdjio (UBC)

Asymmetries on wh-extraction in Medumba

Maida Percival (Toronto)

Shifting GEN in harmonic serialism: Evidence from Halkomelem

Ileana Paul (Western), Baholisoa Simone Ralalaoherivony (Antananarivo) & Henriëtte de Swart (Utrecht)

Aspect and modality in Malagasy maha

10:00 10:30

Kyumin Kim & Paul B. Melchin (Ottawa)

Pluralizer as a nP modifier: Evidence from Korean -tul

Cassandra Chapman, Diane Doran & Daniel Schmidtke (McMaster)

The locus of evidentiality in English

10:30 10:45

pause | break

FauteuxFTX 302 FauteuxFTX 359 FauteuxFTX 361
Syntaxe | Syntax

présidente | chair: Bronwyn Bjorkman

Variation phonologique | Phonological variation

présidente | chair: Heather Newell

Psycholinguistique | Psycholinguistics

présidente | chair: Laura Sabourin

10:45 11:15

Kazuya Bamba (Toronto)

D feature and impersonal SE: A new perspective on Romance impersonal constructions

Hanadi Azhari (Manitoba)

Is the diglossic situation in Arabic making its way into texting? A sociolinguistic study of phonological variation in Makkan Arabic

Lauren Fromont, Emmanuel Biau & Salvador Soto-Faraco (Montréal)

Effects of prosodic cues on relative clause attachment preferences in Spanish

11:15 11:45

Patrick Murphy (Toronto)

Non-ergative case splits: A view from Finnish

Paul De Decker, Sara Mackenzie & Rosanna Pierson (MUN)

Losing light /l/: An acoustic and articulatory investigation of Newfoundland English

Helen Goodluck (York), Kofi Saah (Ghana) & Frank Tsiwah (Groningen)

In Akan, violation of island constraints cannot be reduced to sentence processing

11:45 12:15

Julianne Doner (Toronto)

Not [uD]: Redefining the EPP requirement

Jeffrey Lamontagne (McGill)

A variationist analysis of vowel fronting in Laurentian French

Danica MacDonald (Calgary)

The changing status of Korean plural-marking: Evidence from an acceptability judgement task

12:15 1:30

déjeuner | lunch

Wikipedia editathon
FauteuxFTX 302

Session des affiches | Poster session
FauteuxFTX 371
1:30 3:00
3:00 3:15

pause | break

FauteuxFTX 302 FauteuxFTX 359 FauteuxFTX 361
Syntaxe | Syntax

présidente | chair: Helen Goodluck

Variation grammaticale | Grammatical variation

présidente | chair: Nicole Rosen


présidente | chair: Elena Valenzuela

3:15 3:45

Julie Goncharov (Toronto)

Please, trim your replies! A hybrid fragment answer in Russian

Shana Poplack, Rosane de Andrade Berlinck, Salvatore Digesto & Nathalie Dion (Ottawa)

A pan-Romance perspective on subjunctive variability

Elena Kulinich, Phaedra Royle & Daniel Valois (Montréal/UQAM)

Acquisition du paradigme verbal en russe: surgénéralisation en yod /j/

3:45 4:15

Vesela Simeonova & Gita Zareikar (Ottawa)

The syntax of evidentials in Azeri, Bulgarian and Persian

Gerard Van Herk (MUN) & Jennifer Thorburn (Newcastle)

Foundering: Reconsidering adjectival intensification

Louisette Emirkanian (UQAM), Adel Jebali (Concordia) & Leslie Redmond (UQAM)

Acquisition des clitiques datifs en français L2: influence de la structure argumentale et du sens du verbe de la L1

4:15 4:45

Nazila Shafiei (Calgary)

Ellipsis in Persian complex predicates: VVPE or something else?

Mélanie Elliott & Mihaela Pirvulescu (Toronto)

The acquisition of direct object clitics in the Spanish of bilingual Spanish-French children

4:45 5:00

Ouverture de l’exposition «Le Cri : La langue du peuple» | Opening of the exhibit “Cree: The People’s Language
Musée canadien des langues | Canadian Language Museum

5:00 7:00

Réception du recteur | President’s reception
Chapiteau des réceptions (à côté de 90U90U) | Reception Tent (next to 90U90U)

Lundi 1 juin | Monday, June 1
FauteuxFTX 302 FauteuxFTX 359 FauteuxFTX 361
Syntaxe du japonais et du chinois | Syntax of Japanese and Chinese

président | chair: Johannes Knaus

Prosodie et perception | Prosody and perception

président | chair: Marc Brunelle

Morphologie | Morphology

présidente | chair: Leslie Saxon

9:00 9:30

Jianxun Liu (Victoria)

A restructuring approach to two structures for Chinese purposives

Daiho Kitaoka (Ottawa) & Sara Mackenzie (MUN)

Evidence for the mora: Analysis of a Japanese reversing game

Richard Compton (UQAM)

Distinguishing Inuit verb-like adjectives from genuine stative intransitive verbs

9:30 10:00

Paul B. Melchin (Ottawa)

Diagnosing pronominal category in Japanese and Mandarin

Avery Ozburn (UBC)

Perceptual motivations of sibilant harmony

Marina Sherkina-Lieber & Kumiko Murasugi (Carleton)

Noun incorporation and case in heritage Inuktitut

10:00 10:30

Daiho Kitaoka (Ottawa)

Non-floating collective numeral quantifiers in Japanese

Iryna Osadcha (Toronto)

The lexical stress in East Slavic

Brandon Fry (Ottawa)

The derivation of theme-signs in Algonquin Ojibwe: A multiple agree approach

10:30 11:00

Meï-Lan Mamode (Toronto)

Variation prosodique dialectale en français mauricien: Étude de l’accentuation des syllables proéminentes

11:00 11:15

pause | break

11:15 12:15

Communication plénière | Plenary talk
Yves Roberge (Toronto)
Récipiendaire du Prix national d’excellence | Recipient of the National Achievement Award
Triangulation et convergence de preuves sur la représentation des objets directs
FauteuxFTX 147

12:15 1:30

déjeuner | lunch

FauteuxFTX 302
Session spéciale: Logiciels pour linguistique | Special Session: Software for Linguistics
1:30 2:00

John Esling (Victoria)

iPA Phonetics: A multimedia resource for phonetics

2:00 2:30

Kathleen Currie Hall, Blake Allen, Michael Fry, Scott Mackie & Michael McAuliffe (UBC)

Phonological CorpusTools

2:30 3:00

Yvan Rose & Gregory Hedlund (Memorial)

The Phon software program for phonetic and phonological analysis

3:00 3:15

pause | break

3:15 3:45

Joel Dunham (Concordia), Jessica Coon (McGill) & Hisako Noguchi (Concordia)


3:45 4:15

Kevin Russell (Manitoba)

A wiki system for collaborative field research and documentation

4:15 4:30

pause | break

FauteuxFTX 302 FauteuxFTX 359 FauteuxFTX 361
Syntaxe | Syntax

président | chair: Keffyalew Gebregziabher

Langues en contact | Languages in contact

président | chair: Basile Roussel

Copules | Copulas

président | chair: Paul Melchin

4:30 5:00

Elizabeth Cowper, Daniel Currie Hall, Bronwyn Bjorkman, Neil Banerjee & Rebecca Tollan (Toronto)

There’s no future in Old English

Shana Poplack, Lotfi Sayahi, Nahed Mourad & Nathalie Dion (Ottawa/SUNY Albany)

Mixing typologically different languages: The behaviour of French nouns in Tunisian Arabic

Jorge Emilio Rosés Labrada (Western)

Copula grammaticalization in Proto-Sáliban

5:00 5:30

Yining Nie (Toronto)

Tense and modality in French verbal morphology

Philip Comeau (UQAM)

Emprunts de mots fonctionnels en français acadien

Nicholas Welch (Toronto)

Light verbs as copulas with additional arguments

5:30 6:00

María Luisa Rivero, Ana Arregui & Nikolay Slavkov (Ottawa)

Grammaticalizing ‘big’ situations in Bulgarian

Yasaman Rafat (Western) & Mercedeh Mohaghegh (Toronto)

Geminate consonant production across three generations of Farsi-Engish-speaking Iranian-Canadian bilinguals

Susana Bejar, Arsalan Kahnemuyipour, Jessica Mathie & Tomohiro Yokoyama (Toronto)

Number matching in small clauses: Can we agree on Concord?