Mar 312016

L’Association canadienne de linguistique a tenu son congrès de 2016 lors du Congrès des sciences humaines à l’Université de Calgary, du samedi 28 mai au lundi 30 mai 2016.

The Canadian Linguistic Association held its 2016 conference as part of the Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences at the University of Calgary, from Saturday, May 28, to Monday, May 30, 2016.




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Samedi 28 mai | Saturday, May 28
8:00 8:15

petit déjeuner | breakfast

Science TheatresST 126 Science TheatresST 127 Science TheatresST 130
Le syntagme verbal | The verb phrase

Présidente | Chair: Martina Wiltschko

Sociophonétique | Sociophonetics

Présidente | Chair: Anne-José Villeneuve

Psycholinguistique | Psycholinguistics

Présidente | Chair: Amanda Pounder

8:15 8:45

Michiya Kawai (Huron/Western)

Complex Verbs in the Alleged-Small Clause (ASC) Construction in Japanese

Monelle Guertin (UQAM)

Comment les styles et les variétés dialectales influencent les attitudes d’immigrants en francisation envers le français québécois à Montréal?

Kathleen Currie Hall, Veronica Letawsky and Alfred Ko (UBC)

The Role of Sounds in Perceived Morphological Relatedness

8:45 9:15

Elizabeth Cowper (Toronto)

The Nature of Finiteness

Ronald Beline Mendes (U São Paulo) & James A. Walker (York)

Devoicing and Deletion of Unstressed Final Vowels in São Paulo Portuguese

Patrick Murphy, Philip Monahan & Margaret Grant (Toronto)

Affrication Patterns and Perceptual Tendencies in Canadian and European French

9:15 9:45

Bettina Spreng (Saskatchewan)

am-Progressives in Swabian: Some Evidence for Pseudo-Noun Incorporation

Nicole Rosen & Lanlan Li (Manitoba)

Ethnicity and Rurality in the Prairies: The Case of /æ/

Cassandra Chapman (McMaster) & Martin Hackl (MIT)

Processing of Logical Form Structure: Evidence from Reconstruction for Anaphoric Binding

9:45 10:15

Jozina Vander Klok (UBC)

How Tenselessness Interacts with Modality: A Case Study on paleng in Javanese

Julia Thomas Swan (Chicago)

Canadian English in the Pacific Northwest: A Phonetic Comparison of Vancouver, BC and Seattle, WA

Laura Sabourin, Jean-Christophe Leclerc, Myriam Lapierre, Michelle Burkholder & Christie Brien (Ottawa)

The Language Background Questionnaire in L2 Research: Teasing Apart the Variables

10:15 10:30

pause | break

STST 126 STST 127 STST 130
Pronoms | Pronouns

Présidente | Chair: Leslie Saxon

Contact et changement | Contact and change

Président | Chair: Rick Grimm

Sémantique | Semantics

Président | Chair: Keir Moulton

10:30 11:00

Tom Leu (UQAM)

Definite Ingredients of Indefinite Pronouns

Nahed Mourad (Ottawa)

Revisiting Borrowings into Arabic: Evidence from Lone English Nouns in Lebanese Arabic

Jitka Bartošová, Cassandra Chapman, Ivona Kučerová & Elisabet Service (McMaster)

Processing of Telic and Atelic Events: Evidence for the Partial Interpretation Hypothesis

11:00 11:30

Heather Stephens (McMaster)

The Interpretation of Pronouns in Proxy Counterfactual Statements

Duaa AbuAmsha (Calgary)

Grammaticalization of the Future Marker in Palestinian Arabic: An Internal or a Contact-Induced Change?

Alexis Wellwood (Northwestern)

Event Quantification with Adjectives

11:30 12:00

Ebony Campbell & Dennis Ryan Storoshenko (Calgary)

Here There Be Monsters: Indexical Shift in American Sign Language

Virginia Hill (UNB) & Gabriela Alboiu (York)

Auxiliary Cliticization and its Implications for Language Change

Paul B. Melchin (Ottawa)

Semantic Conditioning of Unspecified Object Deletion

12:00 1:30

déjeuner | lunch

Déjeuner-causerie | Lunchtime discussion panel
STST 130, 12:00–1:00

Déjeuner-causerie sur le “comment publier sa recherche”. La discussion sera guidée par Emily Elfner (UBC), Elizabeth Ritter (Calgary), Ivona Kučerová (McMaster), et Diane Massam (Toronto), avec la participation de l’Association des étudiants au niveau supérieur en linguistique de l’Université de Calgary (A Higher Clause). Tout étudiant en linguistique au niveau supérieur est invité. Le déjeuner sera fourni.

Student mentorship: Panel discussion on getting published. Discussion to be led by Emily Elfner (UBC), Elizabeth Ritter (Calgary), Ivona Kučerová (McMaster), and Diane Massam (Toronto), with the participation of A Higher Clause, the University of Calgary Graduate Student Linguistics Association. All graduate students are invited to attend. Lunch will be provided.

Session des affiches | Poster session
Social Sciences Foyer (SSST 122Z)
1:30 3:00
3:30 4:00

Musée canadien des langues : « Une tapisserie de voix : Célébrons les langues du Canada »
Canadian Language Museum: “A Tapestry of Voices: Celebrating Canada’s Languages”
Social Sciences Foyer (SSST 122Z)

4:00 6:00

Assemblée générale | Annual general meeting
STST 148


Venez fêter avec nous au “Last Defence Lounge” (MacEwan Student CentreMSC 350). Bar et menu à la carte ($12 à $20)
Social gathering in the Last Defence Lounge (MacEwan Student CentreMSC 350). Cash bar; hot and cold menu items for purchase ($12 to $20)

Dimanche 29 mai | Sunday, May 29
8:00 8:15

petit déjeuner | breakfast

STST 126 STST 127 STST 130
Le cas et des actants | Case and arguments

Présidente | Chair: Martha McGinnis

Variation grammaticale | Grammatical variation

Président | Chair: Andrew Peters

Phonétique–Phonologie | Phonetics–Phonology

Présidente | Chair: Kathleen Currie Hall

8:15 8:45

Elizabeth Ritter (Ben Gurion/Calgary) & Martina Wiltschko (UBC)

Humanness as an Alternative to Case-Licensing

Gerard Van Herk (Memorial)

Old Habits: Rethinking Variation in the Newfoundland English Habitual Past

Daniel Currie Hall (Saint Mary’s)

Phonological Identity is Phonological Identity

8:45 9:15

Amer Ahmed (York)

Case in Standard Arabic: The Agree-Based Account Revisited

Rick Grimm (York)

Le présent à valeur de futur en français parlé

Sonya Bird & Ewa Czaykowska-Higgins (Victoria)

Salish Consonant Clusters: Phonetic Evidence for Syllabic Parsing?

9:15 9:45

Ivona Kučerová (McMaster)

On the Role of person in the φ-Feature Labelling of DP Coordinations

James A. Walker & Michol F. Hoffman (York)

To have and have got: Ethnolinguistic Variation in Possession and Deontic Modality

Mutasim Al-Deaibes & Nicole Rosen (Manitoba)

Acoustic Properties of Geminates in Rural Jordanian Arabic

9:45 10:15

Hong-Yan Liu (Toronto)

Also Introducing Arguments: The Mandarin ba-Construction

Anne-José Villeneuve (Alberta)

Ni ‘standard’, ni vernaculaire: le français québécois parlé en entrevues télévisées

Avery Ozburn (UBC)

Investigating the Motivations of Sibilant Harmony: Coarticulation and Speech Errors

10:15 10:30

pause | break

STST 126 STST 127 STST 130

Président | Chair: Ahmed Amer

Typologie et sémantique | Typology and semantics

Président | Chair: Keffyalew Gebregziabher


Président | Chair: John Archibald

10:30 11:00

Daiho Kitaoka & Kathleen Strader (Ottawa)

Relative Clauses in Michif

Xiaodong Yang (Zhejiang University of Technology) & Martina Wiltschko (UBC)

The Confirmational Marker ha in Northern Mandarin

Geneviève Lemieux Lefebvre (UQAM)

Indices prosodiques et perception du sarcasme en français québécois

11:00 11:30

Egor Tsedryk (Saint Mary’s) & Elena Dimova (Montréal)

Free Relatives, Correlatives, Probing Algorithm and Relabeling

Vesela Simeonova (Ottawa)

Mirativity in Bulgarian and Turkish: A Semantic Account

Jesse Stewart (Saskatchewan) & Felicity Meakins (Queensland)

Stop Voicing Perception in Gurindji-Kriol, Kriol, and Gurindji-Kriol Code-Switchers

11:30 12:00

Elizabeth Bogal-Allbritten (SFU), Keir Moulton (SFU) & Junko Shimoyama (McGill)

Stay Inside: The Interpretation of Internally-Headed Relative Clauses in Navajo

Elias Abdollahnejad (Calgary)

Reflexivity in Persian

Claire Allen (UBC)

Learning Functional Importance in the L2: Effects of Functional Load on Non-Native Contrast Perception

12:00 12:30

Nino Grillo (Humboldt) & Keir Moulton (SFU)

Exceptional Agreement in Italian Pseudo-Relatives

Daiho Kitaoka (Ottawa)

Discontinuous Quantifiers in English, Japanese and Algonquian Languages

Una Y. Chow & Stephen J. Winters (Calgary)

Perception of Intonation in Cantonese: Native Listeners versus Exemplar-Based Model

12:30 2:00

déjeuner | lunch

Table ronde | Round table
Canadian Indigenous Language Resources: Preservation and Access
1:00–2:00, STST 126

STST 126 STST 127 STST 130
Syntaxe | Syntax

Président | Chair: Keir Moulton


Président | Chair: Dennis Ryan Storoshenko

La prosodie et la grammaire | Prosody and grammar

Président | Chair: Daniel Currie Hall

2:00 2:30  

Andrew Peters & Gavin Bembridge (York)

Structural Problems and the Cartography of Multimodal Constructions: Views from Mandarin, Rural Chesapeake English, and Jamaican Creole

Emily Elfner (UBC), Richard Compton (UQAM) & Anja Arnhold (Konstanz)

On the Correspondence Between Prosodic and Morphosyntactic Constituents in Inuktitut

2:30 3:00

Nicholas Welch (Toronto)

Formal Interaction of Inflection and Stem Suppletion in Dene

Neil Banerjee (Toronto)

Of Monsters and Modals

Joseph W. Windsor (Calgary)

Prosodic Evidence for the Syntactic Constituency of Demonstratives in Irish

3:00 3:30

Hailey Hyekyeong Ceong (Victoria)

Korean Hearsay Constructions and Speech Act Phrases

Blake Lewis (Calgary)

Modal Structure and Conditions of Use in Blackfoot: aahk- A Case Study

Glyne Piggott (McGill), Lisa Travis (McGill) & Heather Newell (UQAM)

Linking Syntax to Phonology in Possession

3:30 4:00

pause | break

4:00 5:00

Communication plénière | Plenary talk
Marguerite MacKenzie (MUN)
Récipiendaire du Prix national d’excellence | Recipient of the National Achievement Award
STST 148

5:00 7:00

Réception du recteur | President’s reception

Lundi 30 mai | Monday, May 30
8:00 8:15

petit déjeuner | breakfast

STST 126
Atelier spécial lié à l’acquisition du langage | Special Workshop on Language Acquisition

8:15 8:45

Esperanza Ruiz-Peña & Yasaman Rafat (Western)

Second Dialect Production of Ecuadorian Rhotics: An Acoustic Study

8:45 9:15

Yasaman Rafat & Elkin Sierra (Western)

The Perception of Spanish Lexical Stress in Interrogative and Exclamation Contexts by L1 Japanese Speakers

9:15 9:45

Lindsay Hracs (Calgary)

The Role of Salience in the Second Language Acquisition of Focus Structure

9:45 10:00

pause | break

10:00 11:00

Communication plénière | Plenary talk
Suzanne Curtin (Calgary)
Exploring the relationship between early speech perception, language and social-communicative development in infants at risk for Autism Spectrum Disorder
STST 148

11:00 11:30

Laura Colantoni, Alexei Kochetov & Jeffrey Steele (Toronto)

On-going L1-Based Influence in the L2 Acquisition of the Phonology and Phonetics of English Word-Final Nasals

11:30 12:00

JeongEun Lee & Susanne E. Carroll (Calgary)

Acquisition of English Plural Non-Head Constraints by Adult Korean Learners

12:00 1:00

déjeuner | lunch

Session des affiches | Poster session
Social Sciences Foyer (SSST 122Z)
1:00 2:30
2:30 3:00

Melanie Elliott (Toronto)

Direct and Indirect Object Omission in the Spanish of Bilingual Spanish-French Children

3:00 4:00

Communication plénière | Plenary talk
Ana Teresa Pérez-Leroux (Toronto)
Turtles all the way down: How children harness the power of recursion
STST 148

4:00 4:30

Ruiting Jia & Johanne Paradis (Alberta)

The Acquisition of Relative Clauses by Mandarin Heritage Bilingual Children

4:30 5:00

Erin Pettibone, Gabrielle Klassen & Ana Teresa Pérez-Leroux (Toronto)

Bilingual Effects in Recursive Noun Phrases

5:00 5:30

Salma Alqahtani (Calgary)

The Acquisition of Number in Saudi Arabic

6:15 9:00

Session conjointe avec l’Association canadienne de linguistique appliquée (ACLA)
Joint session with the Canadian Association of Applied Linguistics (CAAL)
Langues autochtones et reconcilation | Indigenous Languages and Reconciliation
STST 127

  1. Présentation CRSH | SSHRC presentation

  2. Énoncés de position | Position statements
    • Arok Wolvengrey & Olga Lovick
      Creating programs is only part of the action needed
    • Belinda Daniels
      Language loss: A deformity in education
    • Amos Key & Carrie Dyck
      Indigenous languages, truth, and reconciliation
    • Marianne Ignace
      How can University–First Nations Partnerships support the development of advanced fluency in First Nations languages with very few speakers?
    • Inge Genee & Don McIntyre
      with contributions from students in an Indigenous Language Endangerment and Revitalization course
      An Aboriginal Languages Research Program to address the language-related Calls to Action of the TRC
    • Sally Rice & Dorothy Thunder
      Towards A living digital archive of Canadian Indigenous languages
    • Sʔímlaʔxʷ Michele Johnson & Sťaʔqʷalqs Hailey Causton
      Urgent call for university programs to deliver 1,000 hours and adopt proven curriculum models to teach Indigenous languages
  3. Carrie Dyck, John O’Meara & Patricia Shaw
    Conclusions : Discussion modérée par les membres du comité de programmation
    Conclusions: Discussion moderated by the members of the Organizing Committee