Apr 072017

L’Association canadienne de linguistique a tenu son congrès de 2017 lors du Congrès des sciences humaines à l’Université Ryerson, du samedi 27 mai au lundi 29 mai 2017.

The Canadian Linguistic Association held its 2017 conference as part of the Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences at Ryerson University, from Saturday, May 27, to Monday, May 29, 2017.


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Samedi le 27 mai | Saturday, May 27
8:30 9:00

petit déjeuner | breakfast

TRSM 1-073 TRSM 1-075 TRSM 1-077
Syntaxe : Ellipse | Syntax: Ellipsis

Président | Chair: Richard Compton

Phonétique | Phonetics

Président | Chair: Alexei Kochetov

Acquisition de langue seconde | Second language acquisition

Présidente | Chair: Joyce Bruhn de Garavito

9:00 9:30

Sophie Harrington (U Toronto)

I don’t believe it! TP- versus CP-ellipsis in negated Spanish epistemic constructions

Bing’Er Jiang & Meghan Clayards (McGill U)

Perception of tonal register contrast in Chinese Wu dialects

Olivia Marasco (U Toronto)

L2 Spanish initial intonation cues in Y/N questions and statements: The link between perception and production

9:30 10:00

María Cristina Cuervo (U Toronto)

Optional SE under light causative verbs

Maida Percival (U Toronto)

An ultrasound study of the implosive in Eastern Oromo

Natália Brambatti Guzzo, Heather Goad & Guilherme D. Garcia (McGill U)

Accessing prosodic structure through indirect evidence: The L2 acquisition of high vowel deletion in Québec French

10:00 10:30

Dennis Ott (U Ottawa) & Volker Struckmeier (U Cologne)

Constraints on clausal ellipsis are pragmatic, not syntactic

Suyeon Yun (U Toronto)

Perceptual similarity in fricative-initial cluster adaptation

Matthew Patience (U Toronto)

Hierarchy of articulatory difficulty of Spanish sounds for L1 and L2 Spanish speakers

10:30 10:45

Cagri Bilgin (U Toronto)

Accounting for dispreferred null subjects in partial null subject languages

Anabela Rato (U Toronto)

Production of English vowels by Portuguese learners: Effect of perceptual training

Yasaman Rafat & Ryan Stevenson (Western U)

Auditory-orthographic integration in L2 Spanish: Orthographic-McGurk?

10:45 11:00

Susana Béjar & Arsalan Kahnemuyipour (U Toronto)

Number matching under ellipsis: Assumed identity contexts

Elkin Sierra-Rios (Western U)

The effect of context of learning on the perception of the F0 peak displacement by Japanese-speaking learners

Natalia Docteur, Jida Jaffan & Mathusha Sanjeevan (U Toronto)

Crossing branches: The challenge of acquiring recursive nominal structures in L2 acquisition

11:00 11:15

pause | break

TRSM 1-073 TRSM 1-075 TRSM 1-077
Syntaxe : Accord | Syntax: Agreement

Présidente | Chair: María Cristina Cuervo

Phonétique–Phonologie | Phonetics–Phonology

Président | Chair: François Poiré

Sémantique | Semantics

Président | Chair: Dan Milway

11:15 11:45

Richard Compton (UQAM)

Left-periphery φ-agreement and A-movement in Inuktitut

Jeffrey Lamontagne, Heather Goad & Morgan Sonderegger (McGill U)

Evidence of weight sensitivity in Laurentian French prominence assignment

Jumanah Abusulaiman (U Ottawa)

Perfective aspect interaction with epistemic qad in Makkan Arabic

11:45 12:15

Myriam Dali & Éric Mathieu (U Ottawa)

Agreement in Tunisian Arabic and the collective–distributive distinction

Alexei Kochetov (U Toronto)

Long-distance assimilatory effects in English sibilants

Patrick Murphy (U Toronto)

I’m done my homework: Complement coercion with aspectual adjectives

12:15 12:45

Clarissa Forbes (U Toronto)

Extraction morphosyntax and wh-agreement in Gitksan

Joseph W. Windsor, Stephanie Coward & Darin Flynn (U Calgary)

The phonetics of prominence of the word and phrase in three Irish dialects

12:45 2:15

déjeuner | lunch

Table ronde : Et ensuite ? La vie après l’obtention d’un doctorat en linguistique | Round Table: What’s Next? Life after a PhD in Linguistics
TRSM 1-073

TRSM 1-073 TRSM 1-075 TRSM 1-077
Syntaxe : Nominales | Syntax: Nominals

Présidente | Chair: Gabriela Alboiu

Phonétique–Phonologie | Phonetics–Phonology

Président | Chair: Joseph Windsor

Morphologie | Morphology

Présidente | Chair: Julianne Doner

2:15 2:45

Gita Zareikar (U Ottawa)

On number and classification in Persian

Félix Desmeules-Trudel & Tania Zamuner (U Ottawa)

Une explication dynamique de l’interface phonétique-phonologie : Perception de la nasalisation des voyelles en français canadien

Rebecca Tollan (U Toronto) & Will Oxford (U Manitoba)

Distinguishing VoiceP subjects and vP subjects in Algonquian

2:45 3:15

Myriam Dali (U Ottawa)

On the contrastive use of plurals in Tunisian Arabic

Gavin Bembridge (York U)

El voseo: A look at the Argentine second-person verb form

3:15 3:30

Deniz Satık (Syracuse U)

The nP hypothesis

Ievgeniia Kybalchych (UQAM)

Les mystères de la 3e personne : Le cas du japonais

3:30 3:45

Ryan Decaire (U Toronto), Alana Johns (U Toronto) & Ivona Kučerová (McMaster U)

On optionality in Mohawk noun incorporation

3:45 4:00

pause | break

4:00 6:00

Assemblée générale | Annual general meeting
TRSM 2-166

Dimanche le 28 mai | Sunday, May 28
8:30 9:00

petit déjeuner | breakfast

TRSM 1-073 TRSM 1-075 TRSM 1-077
Modalité | Modality

Président | Chair: Gavin Bembridge

Morphosyntaxe | Morphosyntax

Présidente | Chair: Marina Sherkina-Lieber

Sociolinguistique | Sociolinguistics

Président | Chair: David Heap

9:00 9:30

Elizabeth Ritter (U Calgary & Ben Gurion U) & Lavi Wolf (Ben Gurion U)

The information structure of imperatives

Chris Mauro (UQAM)

Alternance de référence et changement linguistique en inuktitut

Emily Blamire (U Toronto)

A syntactic analysis of because x in English… because linguistics!

9:30 10:00

María Cristina Cuervo & Sophie Harrington (U Toronto)

Experiencers, negation, and polarity mood

Brandon J. Fry (U Ottawa)

Feature inheritance and contextual allomorphy in Ojibwe theme-signs

Nicole Hildebrand-Edgar (York U)

I DON’T KNOW in Toronto and Victoria: Comparing analyses of discourse variation.

10:00 10:15

Julie Goncharov (Hebrew U of Jerusalem) & Monica Irimia (U Modena e Reggio Emilia)

Modal comparatives: A cross-linguistic picture

Radu Craioveanu (U Toronto)

Unifying Finnish aspectual case marking

Jeffrey Lamontagne & Francisco Torreira (McGill U)

Directionality in production planning: Cross-word hiatus resolution in Spanish

10:15 10:30

Caitlin Gaffney, Lulu Li & Jeffrey Steele (U Toronto)

The effect of context on L2 speech perception difficulty: Evidence from learners of French

10:30 10:45

pause | break

TRSM 1-073 TRSM 1-075 TRSM 1-077
Modalité | Modality

Présidente | Chair: Elizabeth Ritter

Phonologie | Phonology

Président | Chair: Peter Jurgec

Langues en contact | Language contact

Présidente | Chair: Naomi Nagy

10:45 11:15

Peng Han (U Calgary)

Explaining Mandarin resultative constructions: A force-theoretical approach

Daniel Currie Hall (Saint Mary’s U)

The contrastive scope of [±tense] in Laurentian French

Nicté Fuller Medina (U Belize)

Integrating English-origin verbs into Spanish via bilingual compound verb constructions

11:15 11:45

Andrew Peters (York U)

Finished with finiteness: Mandarin modals, control, and propositionality

Avery Ozburn (UBC)

Asymmetric re-pairing in Hungarian vowel harmony

Olga Tararova, Malina Radu, Laura Colantoni, Alana Johns, Gaby Klassen & Matthew Patience (U Toronto)

Task effects in the production of English sentence-types by native Inuktitut speakers

11:45 12:00

Daiho Kitaoka (U Ottawa)

Classifier systems in Mandarin Chinese and Japanese

Michael Dow (U Montréal)

Vowel-specific metrics of phonological nasalization in French

12:00 12:15

Yasaman Rafat & Rallis Karamichalis (Western U)

The Canadian multilingual speech website

12:15 1:45

déjeuner | lunch

Rencontre : La place des femmes en linguistique : l’inclusivité et les étapes à venir | Meeting: Women in linguistics: Inclusiveness and next steps
TRSM 1-073

Session des affiches | Poster session
1:45 3:15
3:15 3:30

pause | break

3:30 4:30

Communications plénières | Plenary talks
France Martineau (U Ottawa) – Le français en héritage : réseaux et maillages en Amérique française
Gary Libben (Brock U) – Words in the World and the Human Lexicon
Lauréat-e-s du Prix national d’excellence | Recipients of the National Achievement Award
TRSM 2-166

4:30 5:00

Musée canadien des langues | Canadian Language Museum

5:00 6:00

Réception du recteur | President’s reception
Mattamy Athletic Centre

Lundi le 29 mai | Monday, May 29
8:30 9:00

petit déjeuner | breakfast

TRSM 1-073 TRSM 1-075 TRSM 1-077
Morphosyntaxe | Morphosyntax

Président | Chair: Brandon Fry

Sociophonétique | Sociophonetics

Président | Chair: Gerard Van Herk

Morphologie | Morphology

Président | Chair: Éric Mathieu

9:00 9:30

Martha McGinnis-Archibald (U Victoria)

Applicatives and the person-case constraint

Ziwen Tracy Tan & Naomi Nagy (U Toronto)

VOT in heritage and Hong Kong Cantonese

Bronwyn Bjorkman (Queen’s U) & Peter Jurgec (U Toronto)

Indexation to stems and words predicts long-distance morphophonological effects

9:30 10:00

Will Oxford (U Manitoba)

Proximate DP, obviative KP: Balancing the morphosyntax and pragmatics of obviation

Aaron Dinkin (U Toronto)

Changing phonology, stable borders: The low back merger in northern New York

Iryna Osadcha (U Toronto)

Influence of Russian on the stress patterns of the East Sloboda dialect of Ukrainian

10:00 10:15

Ivona Kučerová (McMaster U) & Adam Szczegielniak (Rutgers U)

On the early and late insertion of roots and its consequences to gender-marking variation

Julia Thomas Swan (Reed College)

Raising on the rise in Vancouver: Ideological factors and sociolinguistic variation

Kinza Mahoon (U Toronto)

Sluicing in Hindi-Urdu: Additional evidence for top copy availability

10:15 10:30

Fulang Chen (U Toronto)

Chinese truck-drivers in Distributed Morphology

10:30 10:45

pause | break

TRSM 1-073 TRSM 1-075 TRSM 1-077
Syntaxe | Syntax

Président | Chair: Dennis Ott

Syntaxe–Sémantique | Syntax–Semantics

Président | Chair: Hermann Keupdjio


Président | Chair: Dennis Ryan Storoshenko

10:45 11:15

Elizabeth Cowper (U Toronto) & Daniel Currie Hall (Saint Mary’s U)

First-order person features and the contrastive hierarchy

Vesela Simeonova (U Ottawa)

The argument structure of reportative evidentials

Erin Hall & Ana Perez-Leroux (U Toronto)

The problem with with: Children’s comprehension of PP embedding

11:15 11:45

Emilia Melara (U Toronto)

What the Russian subjunctive marker tells us but doesn’t say

Dan Milway (U Toronto)

ACC-ing clauses and labels

Marina Sherkina-Lieber (Carleton U)

Processing of case on modifiers of incorporated nouns by heritage speakers and attriters of Inuktitut

11:45 12:00

Manabu Mizuguchi (Toyo U)

Deducing Transfer from Merge

Hanadi Azhari (U Manitoba)

Passive voice and related structures: An analysis of ʔan-syncretism in Arabic

12:00 12:15

Arsalan Kahnemuyipour (U Toronto Mississauga)

Negation is low in Persian: Evidence from nominalization

12:15 1:45

déjeuner | lunch

Session des affiches | Poster session
1:45 3:15
3:15 3:30

pause | break

TRSM 1-073 TRSM 1-075 TRSM 1-077
Syntaxe | Syntax

Présidente | Chair: Ana Teresa Pérez-Leroux

Acquisition se langue seconde | Second language acquisition

Présidente | Chair: Laura Sabourin

Sémantique | Semantics

Président | Chair: Patrick Murphy

3:30 4:00

Dennis Ott (U Ottawa)

The syntax and pragmatics of dislocation: A non-templatic approach

Joseph W. Windsor (U Calgary) & Robyn Stewart (Klingon Language Institute)

Can unnatural stress patterns be learned: New evidence from Klingon

Angelika Kiss (U Toronto)

Since when? as a question about the common ground

4:00 4:30

Julianne Doner (U Toronto)

Predicate-sensitive EPP

Meï-Lan Mamode (U Toronto)

Acquisition de la prosodie en français langue seconde : Stratégies énonciatives chez les anglophones de niveau avancé

Hermann Keupdjio & Martina Wiltschko (UBC)

Two strategies for affirmative response to polar questions in Bamileke Medumba

4:30 4:45

Ileana Paul (Western U)

Auxiliaires en malgache

Joyce Bruhn de Garavito (Western U)

Knowledge of restructuring in L2 and heritage Spanish

Bettina Spreng (U Saskatchewan)

The absentive: Time, person, and place deixis

4:45 5:00

Schuyler Laparle & Rob Truswell (U Edinburgh)

The scalar semantics of just

5:00 5:30

Jila Ghomeshi (U Manitoba)

Ad hoc categories and syntactic juxtaposition

Mihaela Pirvulescu (U Toronto Mississauga), Rena Helms-Park (U Toronto Scarborough) & Maria Claudia Petrescu (Ryerson U)

Trilingual effects at the microstructure and macrostructure levels in children’s narratives

5:30 5:45

Clea Stuart (McGill U)

Where the Malagasy adverbs are

Erin Pettibone, Gabrielle Klassen & Malina Radu (U Toronto)

Interpreting ellipsis in L2 Spanish

5:45 6:00

Virgilio Partida-Peñalva (U Toronto)

Stripping in Spanish. Focalized PP remnants

Aurélie Takam (U Toronto)

Connaissances morphologiques et développement lexical chez les enfants d’âge préscolaire en milieu multilingue