Jun 052013

L’Association canadienne de linguistique a tenu son congrès de 2013 lors du Congrès des sciences humaines à l’Université de Victoria, Victoria (BC), du samedi 1 juin au lundi 3 juin 2013.

The Canadian Linguistic Association held its 2013 conference as part of the Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences at the University of Victoria, Victoria, BC, Canada, from Saturday June 1 to Monday June 3, 2013.


dernière mise à jour: 5 juin 2013 | latest update: June 5, 2013

Samedi 1 juin | Saturday, June 1
8:30 9:00

Accueil salish de la côte et propos d’ouverture | Coast Salish welcome and opening remarks
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Phonétique | Phonetics

Présidente | Chair: Kathleen Currie Hall

Psycholinguistique | Psycholinguistics

Président | Chair: Stephen Winters

Syntaxe | Syntax

Président | Chair: Egor Tsedryk

9:00 9:30

Shannon Price & Jesse Stewart (Manitoba)

Nasal harmony fading in Guaraní

Heather Bliss (UBC)

Nominal Dependence in Blackfoot Clauses

9:30 10:00

Irina Marinescu (McMaster)

The effects of /s/-aspiration on adjacent vowels in Cuban Spanish

Geneviève Pinard-Prévost (Sherbrooke)

Représentation onomasiologique des actes illocutoires conversationnels par la MSN

Monica Irimia (Toronto)

Non-canonical, but structural

10:00 10:30

Olivia Marasco (Toronto)

Intonation patterns of yes-no questions in L2 Spanish speakers

Chung-Hye Han, Mathieu Dovan, Noureddine Elouazizi, Nancy Hedberg, Meghan Jeffrey, Kyeong-min Kim & Keir Moulton (Simon Fraser)

A self-paced reading study of resumptive relative clauses in English

Cassandra Chapman (McMaster)

A revised analysis of EPP-feature checking: The case of Modern French

10:30 10:45

pause | break

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Morphologie | Morphology

Présidente | Chair: Kyumin Kim


Présidente | Chair: Isabel Alvarez

Syntaxe | Syntax

Président | Chair: Richard Compton

10:45 11:15

Natalie Weber (UBC)

Accent and pro-DPs in Blackfoot

Nelleke Strik (Dalhousie)

The acquisition of Long Distance wh-questions in L2 French

Elizabeth Cowper (Toronto) & Daniel Currie Hall (Saint Mary’s)

English modals: Evidence for a neoparametric theory of phrase structure

11:15 11:45

Sunghwa Lee (Victoria)

Korean verb/adjective base vowel shortening as multiple exponence

Siobhán Kiely (Laval)

Attitudes, identity, and L2 proficiency: The case of Francophone and Anglophone youth in Quebec

Ileana Paul (Western)

Projections étendues mixtes et nominalisation dans quelques langues océaniennes

11:45 12:15

Svitlana Filonik (Calgary)

Gender assignment to loanwords in Ukrainian

Yuhko Kayama (Manitoba) & Yuriko Oshima-Takane (McGill)

Parental input patterns and children’s acquisition of verb argument structures in Japanese

Martina Wiltschko (UBC)

The Heterogeneity of Subjunctives: Evidence from Tenseless Languages

12:15 1:30

déjeuner | lunch

Présentation par Mitacs : Partenariats de recherche, basés sur le développement du capital humain entre les entreprises et les universités
Presentation by Mitacs: Towards collaborative industry–university research
12:15–1:00, FraserFRAmap 150

Musée canadien des langues : Inauguration de l’exposition «Parler à la façon des Inuits»
Canadian Language Museum exhibit opening: “Speaking the Inuit way”
1:00, University CentreUVCmap Lobby

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Sémantique | Semantics

Présidente | Chair: Carrie Gillon


Présidente | Chair: Elaine Gold

Syntaxe | Syntax

Président | Chair: Michael Rochemont

1:30 2:00

Dennis Ryan Storoshenko (Yale)

Only cool people tweet theirselves: Variation in the English reflexive paradigm

Davy Bigot (Concordia)

/tUt/ en français laurentien

Heather Bliss, Rose-Marie Déchaine & Tomio Hirose (UBC)

Locative PPs in Blackfoot and Plains Cree

2:00 2:30

Andrea Wilhelm (Victoria)

Dënesųłiné as a type <e> language

Derek Denis (Toronto)

The Social Meaning of Eh in Canadian English

Egor Tsedryk (Saint Mary’s)

Internal merge of nominative subjects

2:30 3:00

Claire Turner (UBC)

The temporal interpretation of modals in SENĆOŦEN and Hul’q’umi’num’

Parisa Erfani (Simon Fraser)

Azeri morphosyntactic variation: The effect of Persian on NP structure

Kenji Oda (Toronto)

On Apparent Adjective Fronting in Irish

3:00 3:30

Tomohiro Yokoyama (Toronto)

Licensing of the question marker ka in Japanese

Hailey Hyekyeong Ceong & Leslie Saxon (Victoria)

Features of questions and interrogatives

3:30 3:45

pause | break

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Présidente | Chair: Patricia Balcom

Phonétique & phonologie | Phonetics & phonology

Présidente | Chair: Heather Goad

Syntaxe | Syntax

Président | Chair: Arsalan Kahnemuyipour

3:45 4:15

Isabel Alvarez (UW Oshkosh)

Children’s Interpretation of Sentences Containing the Adverbs Almost and Casi

Darcie Blainey (Tulane)

Phonetic Vowel Nasalization and Language Loss in Louisiana French

Kyumin Kim (Calgary)

PERSON all the way in Blackfoot: evidence from psych-predicates

4:15 4:45

Carolyn Pytlyk (Victoria)

Second language orthography: Are orthographic effects language-specific?

Joash Gambarage (UBC)

Tongue Root Restriction and Nominal Morphological Domains in Nata

Richard Compton (Queen’s)

Incorporation and ellipsis as evidence for phrasal words in Inuit

4:45 5:15

Anna Frolova (Toronto)

Acquisition des structures transitives en russe langue maternelle

Jianxun Liu (Victoria)

Schwa insertion in diminutives of Beijing Chinese: An OT analysis based on an articulatory phonological account

Michiya Kawai (Huron College & Western)

VP ellipsis and the Identity Condition

5:30 7:30

Assemblée générale | Annual general meeting
Social Sciences and Mathematics BuildingSSMmap A102

Dimanche 2 juin | Sunday, June 2
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Sémantique | Semantics

Président | Chair: Keir Moulton

Changement linguistique | Language Change

Présidente | Chair: Monique Dufresne

Syntaxe | Syntax

Présidente | Chair: Jila Ghomeshi

9:30 10:00

Ross Godfrey (Toronto)

Inner and Outer Causatives in a Type-Driven Semantics

Deboapam Das & Maite Taboada (Simon Fraser)

Explicit and Implicit Coherence Relations: A Corpus Study

Robert Truswell & Paul Melchin (Ottawa)

Noun phrases and nonprojecting heads

10:00 10:30

Solveiga Armoskaite (Ottawa) & Carrie Gillon (Arizona State)

50 shades of definiteness

Mona-Luiza Ungureanu (Moncton)

Overt and covert D0 in Romanian

10:30 10:45

pause | break

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Phonologie | Phonology

Présidente | Chair: Ewa Czaykowska-Higgins

Changement linguistique | Language Change

Présidente | Chair: Sarah Cummins

Syntaxe | Syntax

Présidente | Chair: Alana Johns

10:45 11:15

Kathleen Currie Hall (UBC)

Documenting Phonological Change: A Comparison of Two Japanese Phonemic Splits

Karsten Koch & Jason Brown (Calgary)

Focus, Polynesian *ko, and language change

Jessica Coon (McGill) & Alan Bale (Concordia)

Person and Number in Mi’gmaq

11:15 11:45

Marisa Brook (Toronto)

Intersecting phonotactic restrictions and their perceptual effects

Monique Dufresne (Queen’s), Mireille Tremblay (Montréal) & Rose-Marie Déchaine (UBC)

Les noms sans déterminants en ancien français

Clarissa Forbes (Toronto)

Number in the Gitksan nominal domain: Plural [plural] projections

11:45 12:15

Heather Goad & Akiko Shimada (McGill)

/s/ is a Vocoid in Blackfoot

Nikolas Gisborne (Edinburgh) & Robert Truswell (Ottawa)

The origins of clause-medial wh-relatives in Middle English

Éric Mathieu (Ottawa)

Plurals versus pluratives

12:15 1:30

déjeuner | lunch

Table ronde : Encourager la participation des étudiant-e-s dans l’administration de l’ACL
Round Table: Encouraging student participation in the administration of the CLA
Modératrices | Moderators: Leslie Saxon & Carrie Dyck
FraserFRAmap 152

Session des affiches | Poster session
rez-de-chaussée, Édifice FraserFRAmap Building, ground floor
1:30 3:30
  • Blake Allen (UBC)
    Learning principles of syllabification from word-edge phonotactics
  • Andrei Anghelescu & Michael Schwan (UBC)
    Nuclear consonants in Gitksan
  • Tanya Battersby (Toronto)
    Semantic change in the divish copula system: Evidential innovation with estar in the Buenos Aires variety
  • Alyona Belikova (McGill)
    Linguistically misleading instruction: Effective or not?
  • Ross Bilous (York)
    Are Slavic languages with or without articles?
  • Bronwyn Bjorkman & Elizabeth Cowper (Toronto)
    Inflectional shells and the syntax of causative have
  • Colin Brown (UBC)
    Focus in Nata: Denotation vs. discourse-new
  • Strang Burton, Rose-Marie Déchaine & Joash Gambarage,
    with C. Brown, A. Entwistle, E. Guntly, R. Fuhrman, N. Francis, H. Keupdjio, W.M. Lam, J. Ma, A. Osa Gomez del Campo, E. Sadlier-Brown, I. Schniske, D. Si, S. Walters & Y. Yoshino (UBC)
    Using Storyboards to Elicit Information Structure Contrasts in Nata
  • Radu Craioveanu (Toronto)
    The rise and fall of aspirated fricatives
  • B. Elan Dresher, Christopher Harvey & Will Oxford (Toronto)
    Feature hierarchies and phonological change
  • Allie Entwistle (UBC)
    High tone placement in Nata verbs
  • Naomi Francis (UBC)
    The marking of future uncertainty in Nata
  • Robert Fuhrman (UBC)
    Agreement as resumption: The case of Nata object marking
  • Xiaoqian Guo (Victoria)
    Features of schwa produced by Chinese EAL speakers: Lexical vs. inserted schwa
  • Yan Huang (Victoria)
    Les restrictions aspectuelles imposées par les verbes finir, cesser, arrêter et achever sur leurs infinitifs
  • Kyeong-min Kim (Simon Fraser)
    Syntax of such: A uniform analysis
  • Karsten Koch (Calgary)
    One focus per clause: consequences of a syntactic focus-marking strategy
  • Zoe Wai-man Lam, Sonja Thoma & Martina Wiltschko (UBC)
    The Syntax of Grounding
  • Catherine Léger (Victoria)
    Une analyse des trois interprétations de l’adverbe back en chiac
  • Shan Luo (Victoria)
    Explain tone sandhi under Articulatory Phonology (AP)
  • Jamie Ma (UBC)
    The disappearance of the Nata passive and its morpho-syntax
  • Danica MacDonald & Susanne Carroll (Calgary)
    Who has more? Second-language processing of mass-count nouns
  • Gretchen McCulloch (McGill)
    Finals in Mi’gmaq
  • Itziri Moreno-Villamar & Silvia Perpiñán (Western)
    Inversion and case assignment in the language of divish heritage speakers
  • Alexandra Motut (Toronto)
    A semantics for object-oriented depictives and their connection to partitives
  • Brittney O’Neill (Victoria)
    ASCII affect: A comparison of emoticons and facial expressions in affective priming
  • Adriana Osa-Gómez del Campo (UBC)
    Incompletion as a future marker in Nata, a Bantu language
  • François Poiré, Jeff Tennant & Antony Cloutier (Western)
    Adaptation à l’accent français européen par une comédienne québécoise : changements acoustiques des voyelles et perception des accents québécois et hexagonal
  • Emily Sadlier-Brown (UBC)
    The Nata double-object construction: Implications for applicative and (as-) symmetrical typologies
  • Marina Sherkina-Lieber (York)
    English influence on Russian embedded yes-no questions in bilingual children’s production
  • Miwako Tateishi & Stephen Winters (Calgary)
    Does ultrasound training lead to improved perception of a non-native sound contrast?
  • Sonja Thoma (UBC)
    Bavarian discourse particles – at the syntax-pragmatics interface
  • Joseph Windsor & Jessi Cobler (Calgary)
    A unified analysis of three phrase-final phenomena in Blackfoot
  • Hui Yin (Xijiao Liverpool)
    A usage-based approach to multi-verb constructions in Mandarin
3:30 3:45

pause | break

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Morphologie | Morphology

Présidente | Chair: Amanda Pounder


Président | Chair: Dave McKercher

Syntaxe | Syntax

Présidente | Chair: Rose-Marie Déchaine

3:45 4:15

Elena Voskovskaia (Toronto)

Composés N-N et N-de-N dans la littérature française du 17e au 20e siècle : productivité morphologique

Joanne Markle Lamontagne (Toronto)

Child Heritage Language Acquisition of the Spanish Present Perfect in Quebec

Michael Hamilton (McGill)

Wh-movement in Mi’gmaq

4:15 4:45

Julianne Doner (Toronto)

The Acquisition of First-Order CP and DP Recursion: A Longitudinal Case Study

Hermann Keupdjio (UBC)

Deriving the left edge WH phrase in Nata WH constructions

4:45 5:15

Aysun Kunduracı (Calgary)

Pseudo-3rd Person Marker and Possessive Constructions in Turkish

Sophia Bello (Toronto)

L’omission des clitiques objets indirects: Arguments du VP ou tête fonctionnelle?

5:00 7:00

Réception du président | President’s Reception
MacLaurinMACmap Foyer

Lundi 3 juin | Monday, June 3
MacLaurinMACmap D288 FraserFRAmap 157 FraserFRAmap 158
Session conjointe avec ACLA | Joint session with ACLA (8:30–9:45) Phonologie | Phonology

Président | Chair: B. Elan Dresher

Syntaxe | Syntax

Présidente | Chair: Monica Irimia

8:30 9:00

Jim Anderson (UBC)

Promoting first language maintenance in a bilingual family literacy program with immigrant and refugee communities

9:00 9:30

Keir Moulton, Mathieu Dovan & Meghan Jeffrey (Simon Fraser)

Why are Weak crossover effects so Weak? An Experimental Investigation

9:30 10:00

Philippe Gauthier (Western)

A government-phonological sketch of vowel laxing in Laurentian French

Michelle Yuan (Toronto)

A-bar fronting in Dinka: Evidence for a left-peripheral domain below CP

10:00 10:30

Kevin McMullin (UBC)

Learning consonant harmony in artificial languages

Michael Rochemont (UBC)

G-marking and Second Occurrence Focus (SOF)

10:30 10:45

pause | break

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Sémantique | Semantics

Président | Chair: Kenji Oda


Présidente | Chair: Nelleke Strik

Syntaxe | Syntax

Présidente | Chair: Elizabeth Cowper

10:45 11:15

Julie Goncharov (Toronto)


Stephen Winters & Suzanne Curtin (Calgary)

Cues to Syntactic Disambiguation in Infant-Directed Speech

Safieh Moghaddam (Toronto)

On Split Ergativity – Evidence from Davani

11:15 11:45

Meagan Louie (UBC)

Constraints on licensing if-clauses in Blackfoot

Laura Colantoni, Olivia Marasco, Jeffrey Steele & Simona Sunara (Toronto)

Temporal and spectral parameters in the L2 acquisition of prosodic prominence

Rebecca Tollan (Toronto)

Deriving morphological ergativity in Basque

11:45 12:15

Oriana Kilbourn-Ceron (McGill)

Almost does not evaluate propositional alternatives

Alana Johns (Toronto)

Ergativity lives: Eastern Canadian Inuktitut and *clitic doubling

12:15 1:30

déjeuner | lunch

Comité du Musée canadien des langues |
Canadian Language Museum committee
FraserFRAmap 152

FraserFRAmap 152 First Peoples HouseFPHmap 110
Syntaxe | Syntax

Présidente | Chair: Diane Massam

Session spéciale | Special Session

Réappropriation des langues autochtones du Canada | Reclaiming Canada’s Indigenous Languages
1:30 2:00

Jila Ghomeshi (Manitoba)

The Syntax of Pragmaticalization

Affiches | Posters

(voir ci-dessous | see below)

2:00 2:30

Patrick Littell (UBC)

The relevance of word class to information structure in Kwak’wala

2:30 2:45

pause | break

FraserFRAmap 152 FraserFRAmap 157 First Peoples HouseFPHmap 110
Syntaxe | Syntax

Présidente | Chair: Bronwyn Bjorkman

Phonologie | Phonology

Président | Chair: Daniel Currie Hall

Session spéciale | Special Session
Réappropriation des langues autochtones du Canada | Reclaiming Canada’s Indigenous Languages
2:45 3:15

Susana Béjar & Arsalan Kahnemuyipour (Toronto)

Agreement in copular clauses embedded in modal contexts

Gunnar Ólafur Hansson & Allie Entwistle (UBC)

Consonant stricture harmony in Yabem: Manner assimilation at a distance

Table ronde | Round table

Modératrice | Moderator: Suzanne Urbanczyk (Victoria)

3:15 3:45

Diane Massam (Toronto)

Double and Single ‘be’ Constructions in Spoken English

B. Elan Dresher (Toronto)

Contrastive Vowel Features in West Germanic

3:45 4:15

pause | break

4:15 5:45

Séance plénière | Plenary talk: Peter Jacobs (Victoria)
First Nations Language Research: Linguistics and Curriculum
First Peoples HouseFPHmap 110

Session spéciale : Affiches | Special session: Posters
First Peoples HouseFPHmap 110
  • Suzanne Gessner (First People’s Cultural Council)
    Creating adult fluency through one-on-one immersion
  • Shay Boechler (First People’s Cultural Council)
    The Endangered Languages Project
  • Onowa McIvor, Carmen Rodriguez de France, Aliki Marinakis, & Nick Claxton (Victoria);
    Sara Child (Kwakiutl Nation); Kendra Underwood (WSÁNEĆ School Board)
    Reconciliation through graduate and undergraduate programming in Indigenous language revitalization
  • Marion Caldecott & Ewa Czaykowska-Higgins (Simon Fraser & Victoria)
    Tracking Intonation Patterns in Interior Salish
  • Sonya Bird, Belinda Claxton, Ewa Czaykowska-Higgins, John Elliott, Anne Jimmie & Janet Leonard (Victoria, Tsawout First nation, Tsartlip First Nation)
    The evolution of a SENĆOŦEN story project
  • Renee Sampson, David Underwood, Pena Elliott & Tye Swallow (WSÁNEĆ School Board)
    SȾÁ,SEN TŦE SENĆOŦEN: Building Language Capacity for Language Sustainability
  • Christopher Cox (Alberta)
    Reclaiming access: Language documentation methodologies in Canadian Indigenous language reclamation
  • Olivia Sammons (Alberta)
    Linguistic variation and language revitalization: Perspectives from Michif
  • Andrea Wilhelm (Alberta)
    Language Revitalization: An annotated bibliography
  • Karsten Koch, Sandra Manyfeathers, Brent Prairie Chicken & Alice Post (Calgary)
    A Blackfoot children’s book
  • Elise McClay, Erin Olson, Carol Little, Hisako Noguchi, Alan Bale, Jessica Coon & Gina Cook (McGill University, Concordia University, iLanguage Lab)
    Using technology to bridge gaps between speakers, learners, and linguists
  • Carrie Dyck & Amos Key, Jr. (Memorial University & Woodland Cultural Centre)
    The ethics of reclaiming Indigenous languages: A case study of Cayuga (Gayogoho:nǫˀ)
  • George Fulford (Winnipeg)
    What morphology tells us about effective teaching in Cree