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Depuis 1997, l’Association canadienne de linguistique souligne la meilleure communication étudiante présentée lors de la rencontre annuelle. À partir de 2008 l’Association a commencé à souligner la meilleure affiche étudiante. Des présentations étudiantes et les affiches étudiantes de tout domaine de la linguistique et de toute orientation théorique sont admissibles à ce concours. Les gagnant-e-s sont inéligibles aux futurs concours.

Each year since 1997, the Canadian Linguistic Association selects the best student paper presented at the annual meeting. Starting in 2008 the Association began to select the best student poster. Student papers and posters in all areas of linguistics and from any theoretical perspective may be considered for the award. Winners are not eligible for future competitions.

Gagnant-e-s | Winners:

  • 2019:
    • Communication | Talk:
      • Gagnantes | Winners:
        • Gloria Mellesmoen & Marianne Huijsmans (University of British Columbia)
          Pluractionality in ʔayʔaǰuθəm
      • Mention honorable | Honourable mention:
        • Elias Abdollahnejad, University of Calgary
          Persian ditransitives: Movement for specificity?
    • Affiche | Poster:
      • Gagnant-e-s | Winners:
        • Stéphane Térosier, Université de Montréal
          Definiteness and specificity in the Martinican Creole DP
        • Nora Villeneuve, Université du Québec à Montréal
          Une description syntaxique et sémantique du morphème d’aspect ‑liq‑ en inuktitut
  • 2018:
    • Communication | Talk:
      • Gagnante | Winner:
        • Adriana Soto-Corominas, Western University
          Asymmetrical acquisition of non-personal Catalan clitics: Dominance effects
      • Mention honorable | Honourable mention:
        • Lindsay Hracs, University of Calgary
          A corpus study of only in child-directed and child-produced speech
    • Affiche | Poster:
      • Gagnant | Winner:
        • Majed Al-Solami, University of Toronto
          Vowel elision, stress, and dialect contact in Bedouin dialects
  • 2017:
    • Communication | Talk (20 min.):
      • Julianne Doner, University of Toronto
        Predicate-sensitive EPP
      • Nicole Hildebrandt-Edgar, York University
        I don’t know in Toronto and Victoria: Comparing analyses of discourse variation
    • Communication | Talk (10 min.):
      • Virgilio Partida Peñalva, University of Toronto
        Stripping in Spanish: Focalized PP remnants
    • Affiche | Poster:
      • Angélica Hernández Constantin, Western University
        Différences regionales dans l’utilisation du verbe impersonnel haber de l’espagnol : Les Caraïbes contre l’Amérique Latine continentale
  • 2016:
    • Communication | Talk:
      • Neil Banerjee, University of Toronto
        Of monsters and modals
    • Affiche | Poster:
      • Malina Radu, University of Toronto
        Conditioned variability in the realization of Romanian rhotics
  • 2015:
    • Communication | Talk:
      • Brandon Fry, University of Ottawa
        The derivation of theme-signs in Algonquin Ojibwe: A Multiple Agree approach
    • Affiche | Poster:
      • Stéphanie Luna, Université du Québec à Montréal
        Variation syntaxique de la langue des signes québécoise chez les aînés sourds
  • 2014:
    • Communication | Talk:
      • Naomi Francis, University of Toronto
        This predicate is tasty: Predicates of personal taste, faultless disagreement, and the ideal judge
    • Affiche | Poster:
      • Danica MacDonald, University of Calgary
        From a classifier language to a mass-count language: What can historical data show us?
  • 2013:
    • Communications | Talks:
      • Gagnante | Winner:
        • Julie Goncharov, University of Toronto
      • Mentions honorables | Honourable mentions:
        • Michael Hamilton, McGill University
          Wh movement in Mi’gmaq
        • Kevin McMullin, UBC
          Learning consonant harmony in artificial languages
    • Affiches | Posters:
      • Gagnante | Winner:
        • Alexandra Motut, University of Toronto
          A semantics for object-oriented depictives and their connection to partitives
      • Mention honorable | Honourable mention:
        • Sonja Thoma, UBC
          Bavarian discourse particles: At the syntax-pragmatics interface
  • 2012:
    • Communications | Talks:
      • Gagnante | Winner:
        • Sara Johansson, Memorial University of Newfoundland
          Acquiring Northern East Cree verbal morphology: Evidence from inchoative verbs
    • Affiches | Posters:
      • Gagnant | Winner:
        • Philippe Gauthier, Western University
          High-vowel laxing in Canadian French
  • 2011:
    • Communications | Talks:
      • Gagnantes | Winners:
        • Beth MacLeod, University of Toronto
          Perceptual salience and cross-dialectal phonetic convergence in Spanish
        • Alexandra Simonenko, McGill University
          Domains in Mainland Scandinavian DP: Syntax and phonology
    • Affiches | Posters:
      • Gagnante | Winner:
        • Joanne Markle LaMontagne, University of Toronto
          Acquisition of the Spanish Present Perfect by Spanish–English Bilinguals
  • 2010:
    • Communications | Talks:
      • Gagnant | Winner:
        • Viktor Kharlamov, University of Ottawa
          Final devoicing & (in)complete neutralization: The role of task-specific factors
    • Affiches | Posters:
      • Gagnante | Winner:
        • Liisa Duncan, University of Toronto
          Consonant gradation in Finnish dialects
  • 2009:
    • Communications | Talks:
      • Gagnante | Winner:
        • Elisabeth Ferch, University of British Columbia
          Number and Quantification in Shona?
      • Mentions honorables | Honorable mentions:
        • Viktor Kharlamov, University of Ottawa
          Speakers’ Notion of the Syllable: The Role of Statistical Factors in Onset Wellformedness
        • Bethany MacLeod, University of Toronto
          Gwhat did you say? Epenthetic Velars in Costa Rican Spanish
    • Affiches | Posters:
      • Gagnante | Winner:
        • Darcie Blainey, Tulane University
          Schwa Behaviour in Formal and Informal Speech in the French of Ville Platte, Louisiana
  • 2008:
    • Communications | Talks:
      • Gagnantes | Winners:
        • Heather Bliss, University of British Columbia
          Structuring information in Blackfoot: Against an A’-agreement analysis of cross-clausal agreement
        • Isabelle Charnavel, University of California, Los Angeles
          L’alternance avoir été/être eu dans les auxiliaires du passé surcomposé en français: un nouvel argument pour le caractère syntaxique du morphème se
    • Affiches | Posters:
      • Gagnante | Winner:
        • Jennifer Glougie, University of British Columbia
          On future expression in St’át’imcets: Modality vs. aspect
      • Mentions honorables | Honourable mentions:
        • Heather Bliss, University of British Columbia, and Dennis Storoshenko, Simon Fraser University
          Passivization and A’-movement in Shona
        • Bethany MacLeod, University of Toronto
          The hierarchy of velar weakening in Buenos Aires Spanish
  • 2007:
    Gagnante | Winner:

    • Bethany Lochbihler, University of Ottawa
      Mapping inversion: A morpho-syntactic analysis of the inverse system in Ojibwa
  • 2006:
    Gagnante | Winner:

    • Catherine Macdonald, University of Toronto
      Tongan Personal Pronouns

    Mentions honorables | Honourable mentions:

    • Janet Leonard, University of Victoria
      Formalising the Phonology of Stress in Senćoŧen
    • Ulyana Savchenko, University of Toronto
      L2 Acquisition of the Semantics of Russian Dative Subjects
  • 2005:
    Gagnante | Winner:

    • Christina Manouilidou, University of Ottawa
      Computation of thematic features in deverbal nouns: Probing the effect of the verbal root

    Mention honorable | Honourable mention:

    • Christine Pittman, University of Toronto
      Changes in the Inuktitut switch-reference system
  • 2004:
    Gagnante | Winner:

    • Anousha Sedighi, University of Ottawa
      Animacy: The overlooked feature in Persian

    Mention honorable | Honourable mention:

    • Mike Barrie, University of Toronto
      On unifying antisymmetry and bare phrase structure
  • 2003:
    Gagnante | Winner:

    • Rachel Wojdak, University of British Columbia
      PF incorporation in Nuu-chah-nulth

    Mentions honorables | Honourable mentions:

    • Chiara Frigeni, University of Toronto
      Reconsidering lenition/fortition
    • Daniel Currie Hall, University of Toronto
      Prophylaxis and asymmetry in Yokuts
  • 2002:
    Gagnant-e-s | Winners:

    • Simone Conradie, McGill University
      Parameter resetting in the second language acquisition of Afrikaans
    • Denis Liakin, University of Western Ontario
      [Spec, CP] et [Spec, FocP] – Deux positions de focus

    Mentions honorables | Honourable mentions:

    • Marc Brunelle, Cornell University
      Proclitic reduction in Quebecois French
    • Elissa Flagg, MIT
      Adjacency and lowering in morphology: The case of English sentential negation
    • Ilana Mezhevich, University of Calgary
      Adjectives, genitives and argument structure
    • Rebecca Smollett, University of Toronto
      Latinate verbs and English particles: Why you can ‘mix up the ingredients’ but not ‘combine them up’
  • 2001: Mary MacKeracher, University of Toronto
    Reconsidering the standard temporal model of language change
  • 2000: Wenckje Jongstra, University of Toronto
    Variability in the acquisition of word-initial consonant clusters
  • 1999: Asya Pereltsvaig, McGill University
    On extent adverbials and case theory
  • 1998: Trisha Causley, University of Toronto
    Redefining the line between faithfulness and markedness
  • 1997: Marie-Hélène Côté, MIT
    Salience phonetique et simplification des groupes consonantiques