May 282020

Egor Tsedryk

Saint Mary’s University

  10 Responses to “Root infinitives with dative subjects”

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  2. Great presentation! very persuasive. I wish I remembered syntax to be able to ask a question… Spasibo.

  3. Hi, Egor! This is really interesting—thanks for the poster and video! I’m reminded in some ways of Bjorkman & Cowper’s analysis of modal have in English (in the 2014 CLA proceedings), which also relates modal and locative meanings (among others). It would be interesting to see if the Russian and English phenomena can be unified.

  4. Thanks for your comments!

  5. Daniel, thanks for the reference. I’ll have a look at the paper.

  6. Hello, Egor! Good to see you here, and this morning. I could not get into Zoom. I really enjoyed your poster and presentation. I am intrigued by this applicatives whose orientation relation is temporal between situations. Did I understand correctly that you propose vP has a time specification/coordinate, or is that provided by a higher head, e.g., aspect? Also, is there room in your proposal for an orientation of the event towards the dative argument too? Thank you!

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